October 2-5, 2017 in Astana, the Eurasian National University will be hosting the VI Congress of the Mathematical Society of the Turkic world (TWMS 2017)

The work of the Congress will consist of general plenary reports of the Congress, plenary reports within mini-symposiums, sectional oral presentations and poster presentations. Those who wish can register the name of the report on the official website of the Congress, select a mini-symposium or a seminar for participation, determine the format of the report and attach the report's report file. The list of announced mini-symposiums and seminars of the Congress will be published on the official website of the Congress. The official website of the Congress http://twms-astana-2017.kz/ The official languages of the Congress are English, Kazakh and Russian. International Congresses of the Mathematical Society of the Turkic world are traditionally held once every three years. The main goal of the Congress is the expansion of international relations and scientific cooperation of the scientists of the Turkic world, the development of mathematical science and the application of the achievements of mathematics, information technology in scientific research.