The pride of Malkar Kaysyn's poems in Kazakhstan

The Kazakh President's "Spiritual Renewal" program, which envisages the national and spiritual revival of the Kazakh people, is in line with the work that TURKSOY has done international scene. In the first days of spring, at the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the al-Farabi Kazakh National University held a round table entitled "The great poet of the Turkish world" dedicated to the creativity of Kaisin Kuliev, the poet of the Turkic peoples. This event was organized by TURKSOY International Agency. Heads and members of the ethnocultural organization of the Turkic peoples under the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, public figures, and representatives of intelligentsia, teachers and students of the Department of Turkish studies of the Faculty of Oriental Studies attended. The Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies, Ykhtiyar Paltöre Moldatoreoğlu, opened the inauguration ceremony: Dear colleagues, dear guests, students welcome to today's event! The faculties department of Turkish languages is a special department. In the era of globalization, one Turkish nation must strengthen the distance. Presenting here the Turkic peoples understand each other without any translation. Today's event is dedicated to the creativity of Kaisin Kuliev, a prominent figure of the Balkar people, who was called "the world poet". I think that students gathered today will receive a great spiritual food. Today the International Organization for the Development of Turkic Culture and Art operates greatly. Kazakhstan is one of the creators of this organization. Former Minister of Culture of Kazakhstan Dusen Kaseinov has headed this organization for many years. Representative of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan orientalist Askar Turganbayev has come from Ankara especially for this event. Expressing our gratitude to our honorable Askar, who has been in charge of holding this kind of event at our faculty, we give his first word to our honorable Askar. Askar Turganbaev: «Dear Brothers, Students' Community! The goal of TURKSOY is to establish friendly relations between Turkish-speaking peoples and nationalities and to study and spread the common Turkish culture, language, history, art, traditions. Today's event is about Kaysun Kuliev, the "world poet". Last November, in the city of Nalchik was celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Malkar poet. This event continued in Baku on 7-8 December and in the past days in Kyrgyzstan. We brought you two books of K. Kuliyev. Thereafter, the translation of the poem "The Sword of My Lord" and the presentation of two books titled "These Mountains are standing" were presented. Then, Ahmet Dagduran, poet Galym Zhailybai, Professor Dandai Iskakovich, Professor A.Khamraev, scientist Adilgazy Kairbek, told many interesting facts about the great poet of Malkar. At the end of the evening, the students read Kuliev's poems. At the end of the ceremony, the students read Kuliev's poems. Guests were shown the traditional Oriental Museum. Students took a memorable photo with the participants of the round table. Shynaray Burkitbayeva Al-Farabi Kazak National University