2021-2022 ORHUN Exchange Program Applications for SPRING term ANNOUNCEMENT

2021-2022 Academic Year Spring Semester ORHUN exchange program applications have started for undergraduate, graduate (must be in the course stage) and PhD (must be in the course stage) students who want to study for a semester in the announced departments of the member universities of the Organization of Turkic States Turkic Universities Union.

Application Calendar:

Dissemination of information about the start of the program among students and teachers and acceptance of applications in higher education institutions

27 December 2021 – 6 January 2022

Evaluation of the received applications and notification of the results to the Coordinating University. Distribution of applications according to the University by the Coordinating University.

7 January 2022 – 15 January 2022

Notification of the results to the Coordinating University and announcement of the general results by the Coordinator University

21 January


Documents required in the application:

For Student Exchange:

1- Student Information Form

2- Transcript

For Academic Staff Mobility:

1- Academic Staff Information Form

2- Academic Staff Mobility Program

Documents are available at http://turkunib.org/tr/orhun

Conditions to be Considered in the Application:

• Only one university needs to be selected.

• All documents are filled out on a computer.

• Students must have a GPA of at least two and a half out of four (2.5 / 4.00) to apply.

• Preparatory students, first year and final year students are not eligible to apply for an exchange program.

• Graduate and doctoral students must be in the course stage to apply.

Academic staff and students who want to participate in the exchange program can apply to the exchange program coordinators of the university they are affiliated with. Detailed information about the exchange program can be obtained from http://turkunib.org/orhun  or you can write to orhun@manas.edu.kg.